Three new uses for address labels

We all have them, right? A page or two of address labels with your name and address sent to you by a well-meaning charity soliciting donations. After I call up the charity to request that they put me on their “do not mail” list I’m left with more address labels than I can ever possibly use. So here are three creative ways to repurpose those labels.

(1) Cut off the postal address and simply use the Name part of the label. I’ve found this very useful for labeling my coffee mug, my leftovers in the community fridge at work, or anything where you just want to make sure people know this item belongs to you.

(2) Tape. Just peel off the pieces and use the old trick for making non-double sided tape into double sided and it’s great for wrapping presents or securing packages that you mail.

(3) Cleaning between the keys on your keyboard. Just floss the sticky side around your keys to pick up lint, crumbs, and dust and keep your keyboard clean.



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2 responses to “Three new uses for address labels

  1. Will it get my coffee spills out? Maybe some blotting paper for this… your idea. Thanks for popping by Beach Vintage.

  2. Great tips! I seem to accumulate lots of these and can’t bear to throw them away. Thanks for visiting my blog; I just added yours to my google reader.

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