What to do with old T-shirts – Part 1

Picture 038 tshirts (2), originally uploaded by kellyinbernal.

We all have them. T-shirts that are no longer in our wearing rotation. What to do with them aside from donating to Goodwill? Well we definitely try to minimize our use of paper towels but it’s a work in progress. I got to thinking that if I cut up old t-shirts into squares – similar to the size of paper towels, that these would make good reusable napkins. So some pinking shears and an hour later and Voila. I have a brand new set of casual napkins. We’ll probably only use them for everyday and not for guests. Nevertheless, I love them.

Don’t they look pretty all folded up?



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3 responses to “What to do with old T-shirts – Part 1

  1. Jonathan

    I usually take my old t-shirts travelling then donate them or leave behind to make way for the new junk i’ve bought. Never thought of napkins and such.

  2. Anne

    Great idea! Related…. my sister uses an assortment of odd napkin rings. Each person in family has his/her own. Extras for house guests. If after a non-messy meal the napkin is not dirty, just refold into napkin ring & you know it’s YOURS for the next meal. (She uses fingertip towels for napkins.)

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