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What to do with old T-shirts – Part 2

Picture 073, originally uploaded by kellyinbernal.

After I cut up old T-shirts in squares for casual napkins I had lots of T-shirts strips left over. I simply tied the ends together in double knots and strung them up in the entry way to welcome home my special someone who had been away for a couple days. Totally silly but it made him smile. 🙂


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What to do with old T-shirts – Part 1

Picture 038 tshirts (2), originally uploaded by kellyinbernal.

We all have them. T-shirts that are no longer in our wearing rotation. What to do with them aside from donating to Goodwill? Well we definitely try to minimize our use of paper towels but it’s a work in progress. I got to thinking that if I cut up old t-shirts into squares – similar to the size of paper towels, that these would make good reusable napkins. So some pinking shears and an hour later and Voila. I have a brand new set of casual napkins. We’ll probably only use them for everyday and not for guests. Nevertheless, I love them.

Don’t they look pretty all folded up?


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Whimsical Repurposing

Picture 027 repurpose art, originally uploaded by kellyinbernal.

I love art that comes from repurposing things that would otherwise be trashed. Awhile back I was in the charming town of Capitola walking around enjoying the houses by the riverwalk and I was completely enchanted by this whimsical art.

I love every single thing about this tree. It’s a tree stump, instead of tearing it out they made it a gorgeous lawn sculpture. The miniature houses and shingles and decorations are all enticing and adorable and upon closer inspection are mostly found objects repurposed into art.

Simply marvelous!

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