One of a kind iPhone case

My iPhone case, originally uploaded by kellyinbernal.

OMG! OMG! OMG! I am soooo delighted with my new iPhone case.

Sorry, this post is not about repurposing, it’s all about new product love.

I read about this site,, where artists load their artwork and you can select a piece that you like and turn it into your own custom iPhone case. You even get to center and crop the photo on the case just how you like it. Completely out of character for me I bought one right away. Usually I shop around, look for the best deal, etc, etc. This time I couldn’t resist. And it’s worked out perfectly for me. I’m in love. I love the artwork I chose. It’s an illustration by the incredibly talented Christopher Lee. The case is beautiful. It’s nice quality, feels good in my hand, all the buttons function just right and best of all it’s mine, all mine. I chose it. I customized it. I love it!!!!

Prize Alert: In the comments section, share your own story of your last impulse buy. One lucky blog reader will win a 20% off coupon for



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5 responses to “One of a kind iPhone case

  1. Debra

    My last impulse purchase was shoes, brown and black. Yes two pair. I want to check out the website that you purchased your iphone case. It is just beautiful! What a great deal too.

  2. Kara

    As soon as I succumb to the iphone, I’ll be sure to pick one of these up.

  3. Rozenia

    Great case, I love it! Seeing your case has convinced me to finally buy an iphone just so I can buy the case.

  4. Michelle

    This website is so cool, makes me wish I had an Ipod! Did you notice you can upload your OWN artwork/photo as well?

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