Organize your undercabinet-practically free

Organized undercabinet, originally uploaded by kellyinbernal.

I work for a company that recently moved offices and had a huge surplus of old office supplies. Many were donated but some had a lot of trouble finding a home. I wanted to find a way to make sure that wepurposed as many of those old supplies as possible. I notice a surplus of old magazine holders and got to imagining how I could put them to use.

I do use reusable bags most of the time but I’m only human and sometimes I forget and I’m not the only one who brings bags into my house. We store all our extra paper bags underneath the cabinet. It used to get so crowded in there and the bags were always overflowing and fighting the bin for space.

The magazine holder is the perfect size for brown paper grocery bags.  Now there’s order underneath the cabinet. It also provides me with a good organizing boundary. When the magazine holder is filled up, that’s it, no more bags.



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3 responses to “Organize your undercabinet-practically free

  1. Genius! Love this idea and the whole concept of your blog – very inspirational.

  2. Michelle

    I started using those wooden crates the tangerine “cuties” come in at the grocery store in my kitchen shelves. I don’t have enough drawer space, so these hold my kitchen utensils, and also my spices that are on the top shelves. easy to grab and pull down to see what spices are in them instead of climbing on a stool to see.

    • Kelly

      That is awesome. Those little crates are sturdy and abundant. I love re-using things that are inexpensive (or free) and easily replaceable. Great idea. Thank you for sharing.

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